Aquaculture and Marine Biotechnology

Marine biotechnology is the procedure that includes the marine assets of the world that are contemplated in biotechnology applications. Its applications are used in various assignments, for example, getting new tumor medications from marine living beings to ocean growth  cultivating. As new pharmaceutical organizations concentrate on growing new medications from marine organisms, professionals are trained in the disciplines of microbiology, science, genomics, bioinformatics, and related fields. Marine biotechnology centers not just around minimal known types of deep ocean life additionally on the developing utilization of marine life in the food, cosmetics, and agricultural enterprises, for example, aquaculture.

·         Development of diagnostics for major diseases in aquaculture


·         Development of culture technology in aquaculture production system                                            

·         Improved aspects on fish nutrition, breeding and reproduction


·         Development of cell culture system in various aquaculture species  


·         Marine pharmaceuticals,biomaterials Novel enzymes, Biosensors and Bioremediation                    

·         Fish transgenics for therapeutic


·         Marine extremophiles 


·  Molecular biology of International aquaculture species                                                                   

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