Nano biotechnology

 Bionanotechnology and Nano biotechnology are terms that refer to the intersection of nanotechnology and biology. Given that the subject is one that has only emerged very recently, bio nanotechnology and Nano biotechnology serve as blanket terms for various related technologies. These two terms are often used interchangeably. When a distinction is intended, though, it is based on whether the focus is on applying biological ideas or on studying biology with nanotechnology. Bionanotechnology generally refers to the study of how the goals of nanotechnology can be guided by studying how biological "machines" work and adapting these biological motifs into improving existing nanotechnologies or creating new ones  Nano biotechnology, on the other hand, refers to the ways that nanotechnology is used to create devices to study biological systems  . In other words, bio nanotechnology is essentially miniaturized biotechnology, whereas Nano biotechnology is a specific application of nanotechnology. For example DNA nanotechnology or cellular engineering would be classified as Bionanotechnology because they involve working with biomolecules on the Nano scale. Conversely, many new medical technologies involving nanoparticles as delivery systems or as sensors would be examples of Nano biotechnology since they involve using nanotechnology to advance the goals of biology.

§  Bioluminescent magnetic nanoparticles          

§  surface modified polystyrene nanoparticles    

§  Nano systems  

§  target pecific drug delivery     

§  nanoink

§  Electron-beam lithography      

§  Optical lithography     

§  Multiphoton lithography         

§  X-ray lithography        

§  Laser printing of single nanoparticles 

§  Electron-projection lithography          

§  Magnetolithography    

§  Nanoimprint lithography         

§  Thermoplastic nanoimprint lithography          

§  Photo nanoimprint lithography           

§  Resist-free direct thermal nanoimprint lithography    

§  Laser-assisted direct imprint   

§  Ultrafast nanoimprint  

     § Roller nanoimprint      

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