Plant and Agricultural Biotechnology

Plant biotechnology is characterized as the utilization of learning acquired from investigation of the life sciences to make technological upgrades in plant species. Plant biotechnology has been led for more than ten thousand years. The underlying foundations of plant biotechnology can be followed back to the time when people began gathering seeds from their most wild plants and started cultivating them in tended fields. Agriculture biotechnology, otherwise called agritech, is a territory of agrarian science including the utilization of logical scientific tools and methods, including genetic engineering, Bio markers, Vaccines, antibodies, and tissue culture, to modify living organisms: plants, animals, and microorganisms.

§  Crop Modification Techniques                

§   Transgenes and Genome Editing            

§   GMO Crops                    

§  Agronomic & Quality Traits                    

§   Safety Testing & Government Regulations                    

§   Modern Plant Breeding              

§   Biofuels Production and Projection

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